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    Whether it's a cool spring drizzle or the searing summer sun, the Castaway Travel Hammocks Rain Tarp offers quick protection from nature's annoyances. The 6 points of attachment translate in a tighter tarp that is less prone to flapping in the wind. The long width provides more protection to keep your hammock and gear dry.

    This product complements all Castaway Travel Hammocks and is displayed with lightweight, rip-stop tarps, and shelters.

    All Hammocks and Straps are Sold Separately


    BrandCastaway Travel Hammocks
    Quick ShipYes
    ShippingUSA and Canada
    Length114 in.
    Width107 in.
    Weight2.3 lbs
    AccommodatesSingle or Double Castaway Travel Hammocks
    IncludesTwo tree tie-down points and four stakeout points